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Latest Dental Procedures

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31 Aug 2022

Latest Dental Procedures:

The way dental operations are carried out is positively changing as a result of technological advancements in dental practices. Always on the cutting edge of technology, dentists work to treat patient's health issues with the fewest possible incisions and recuperation times. Patients are getting better results with less discomfort and a speedier return to normal activity because of more efficient materials, digital imaging, and laser dentistry.


1.Trays and invisible braces

There have been conventional braces for a very long time. Patients seeking discretion previously had only the choice of transparent ceramic braces, which were nonetheless visible and utilized the same technology as conventional braces. There are now additional options available for those who qualify if they prefer less obvious braces. Due to the discretion the systems give and the efficiency of the solutions, invisible braces and tray systems like Invisalign and Clear Correct have become more and more popular.

2.Improved Laser Dentistry Methods

Everyone should priorities laser dentistry when it comes to dental innovations. Using a laser, many operations that once required conventional surgical methods may now be carried out. Lasers can be utilized for periodontal surgery, cavity detection and filling, and cavity closure. Because they think laser surgery offers numerous benefits over conventional surgery, many dentists use it.


  • Less bleeding and discomfort
  • Shorter time for recuperation
  • More accuracy
  • Decreased need for anaesthesia

3.Contemporary X-Ray Technology

Although x-ray equipment is always changing, switching to digital x-rays has changed the game for dental clinics. Patients are exposed to less radiation since digital x-rays use a tiny fraction of the radiation compared to conventional x-rays. Additionally, digital copies are more quickly finished and provide dentists the chance to edit final photographs by enlarging certain parts for a closer look. When using a computer, comparing digital x-rays to earlier ones is straightforward. Another piece of modern technology that enables dentists to view portions of the patient's mouth that were previously challenging to access is the intraoral camera.

4.Superior Whitening Results in Less Time

The gold standard for teeth bleaching has always been professional teeth whitening operations, but the most recent technology has made the procedure quicker and more effective than ever. Many people can achieve their desired outcomes in a single visit rather than needing several appointments for progressive whitening. Modern bleaching ingredients are upgraded to generate less sensitivity and stronger outcomes. They are now triggered with specific lamps. Additionally, professional whitening lessens the possibility of enamel damage.

People look for the advancements for different treatments to go through less pain and hassle such as dental implant treatments in India is the most common dental issue that people face and there are different technologies which makes most of the treatments convenient for patients. We, at Matrix Dental Clinic are committed to provide you with the bright smile on your face as we have Dr. Saurabh Nagpal and Dr. Poonam Nagpal to take care of all your dental problems. Visit us to get that dazzling smile back.

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