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Tooth Gap Treatment In Delhi

Tooth Gap Treatment In Delhi

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Even a slight gap between your teeth might make you feel self-conscious. It can be brought on by missing teeth, moving teeth, childhood thumb-sucking, gum disease, or an enlarged frenum (the tissue above the two front teeth). Visit Matrix Dental Clinic and get your tooth gap treatment in Delhi if you are frustrated with gaps in your teeth from a highly experienced dentist.


Teeth Gaps, just a minor issue? Maybe not!

Widely spread teeth might have negative effects on your dental hygiene in addition to your confidence. Teeth gaps frequently collect food particles, which encourage the growth of germs and plaque in your mouth. If left untreated, this might damage your teeth and gums and lead to issues including periodontitis, tooth decay, and gingivitis.

A misaligned bite may also be caused by spaces between the teeth. This may make chewing uncomfortable and difficult, as well as causing ear and jaw pain. Even worse, having trouble chewing may require you to swallow big pieces of food, which can lead to stomach issues. Gap closure of teeth can solve a lot of major problems that you might face later. So, get your tooth gap treatment near the Airport in New Delhi before it gets too late.

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The following options can be your saviour:

  •  Repositioning teeth using dental orthopaedics is the best option when teeth are strong and healthy since there is no enamel loss. For cosmetic improvement, certain options, such as Norse deity crowns, require the loss of good dental structure.
  • Patients frequently prefer quick results when having their teeth restored with bonding, veneers, or crowns. In certain circumstances, bonding or laminating with ceramic goods may also be the answer. Depending on the situation, a combination of therapy yields the best outcomes.
  • Teeth extraction, followed by replacement with a bridge or implant, is only used as a last option.

Some Facts

Are Gaps Bad for Your Teeth?

Yes, gaps can cause problems for your teeth and overall health.

When children still have a mix of baby and adult teeth, gaps are normal as the teeth are falling out and growing at different rates. The gaps may resolve themselves on their own when all the adult teeth come in. Your child’s orthodontist will carefully monitor how the teeth are growing, and if it seems that gaps will not be corrected naturally, then orthodontic intervention will likely be necessary.

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